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    • Idea of meeting publicly 6
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    • People othe phone are nice 2
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    • Really poor service 9
    • Did not meet my criteria 9
    • Unkept promises 8

0/19/2016 If I could give this service zero stars, I would. READ CAREFULLY AS THIS COMPANY WAS ALREADY SUED -- see this link I am not desperate but I was tired of the online scene and thought to sign up with an exclusive high quality matching service. I joined in March of 2016 and to date I got 2 lousy dates that did not match my criteria and these men were not even interested in a relationship...I have been asking for my... Read more

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You are exactly right about this being a scam. I don't know how they have been able to stay in business. Why is there not better protection for the consumer. They take your money, and don't produce anything even close to what they said they would for the money, and when you complain and request a refund, they say they are still working on finding you a match for as long as it takes. After a year, and still no results I would have thought... Read more

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Don't sign up for this! Don't do it! I signed up at the end of January, 2016. It is now the end of August, 2016. I have had one date which cost $2500. Their communication is non existent. I have called, emailed, asked for my money back which all fell on deaf ears. I have had numerous dating coaches, talked with someone named Mike that was supposed to be senior management, who said he would add a few extra months on to my contract. Still no... Read more

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I might have joined had it not been for the extreme hard sell. I had to explain and justify why I would not pay to join until I read the contract. And when I said that I was not able to do it at that moment because I did not have access to my computer I was questions over and over again. I felt railroaded. Very unprofessional and left a bad taste for lunch in my mouth.

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Great Sales Pitch and Great Concept! BUT! That is where it ended. There is no follow-through on the part of IJL. They spent time trying to get me to join and really talked themselves up. Once they received their money, they barely spent any time with me. A quick phone chat and a questionnaire. That was the extent of them getting to know me. They do not get to know their members the way they claim to. They make themselves out to be an... Read more

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I was promised so many dates and that they would be quality. At least 4 times they had cancelled same day of the date. I was told that I would get 2-3 dates a week and they could not meet that. There is nobody besides who is local who you can speak to. You meet with the "match maker" one time for 15 minutes and then never hear from them again. I called and requested multiple callbacks and nobody ever called me back. Nobody put in any stock... Read more

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Awful, awful experience. I would never suggest using this company. I'm an attractive outgoing woman who likes to hunt, fish, vacation, cook, etc. I didn't think this should be too difficult for them. The 2 years I have been with this company I've had the worst dates ever! I live in a major city and 95% of the dates they had chosen for me live atleast 2+ hours away. I had informed them many times I do not want to go on a date with somebody... Read more

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Don't do it. You'll be wasting your time a money unless of course you are feeling charitable. It's like a proverbial DT scam.

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Yep, It was seeing that magazine on the plane with an ad for It's Just Lunch and that happy 'couple' that compelled me to give the local franchise a call. It had been 4 years since I'd escaped the machinations of a sociopathic man and I was lulled into believing their hype about client safety and careful vetting of dates. I thought it could not hurt to make an inquiry to see just how careful they really are. I had a very nice chat with the... Read more

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I am a widowed woman, recently moved to Hilton Head, SC. I wanted to find a dating service that would keep me safe and set me up with appropriate men. When I called "Mike F" answered. He made it sound as if it would be perfect for me. He had me sign a very lengthy contract. The cost was about 3,000. In a few days a woman from Savannah called. I drove all the way to Savannah. She already knew some of my information. She then told me... Read more

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