I ignorantly signed up for a premium service, because I live in a less metropolitan area they needed me to do this so that I could date men in a larger city two hours away.... I signed up in early September, just before the class action lawsuit was filed.

I wish I had waited! Since signing up I have actually completed 2 dates, and have had 2 dates not show up. Keep in mind I had to drive 2+ hours for these dates that did not show. With each no show I was assured they would send me gift cards to make up for my experience and I could have an additional date added for free.

I asked for a refund - I was told that that was not an option because I signed a contract.

I was absolutely sold a false bill of goods - and they have not delivered the services they promised. I should have read the contract better - it is clearly worded in their favor.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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